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Nike swooshes hit Chicago's Lakefront path

Published by
Coach Matt   on Oct 22 2010, 07:55 PM

Perhaps because Nike employees who run or bike along the lakefront were fed up, Chicagoans finally have decent mile-marker signs along the lakefront path.

For decades we've been dealing with missing, inconsistent, hard to read or inaccurate signage along the 18-mile stretch of lakefront.

But the "Just Do It" folks have partnered with the Chicago Park District to refurbish parts of the path and fund some programs that support runners, including the recent installation of 36 new mile and half-mile marker signs.

As a bonus, the green and beige signs are even accurate. The Active Transportation Alliance helped the park district re-measure the distances to reflect parts of the path that have been rebuilt and re-routed over the past decade, said parks spokeswoman Marta Juaniza.

Read the full article at: featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com
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Chris Nickinson
Moved this to the Illinois forum :)
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